Princess Raclette 6 Grill Party, 162725

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Enjoy a cozy evening cooking together with your partner or family with the Princess 162725 Raclette Grill Party. 
Whether you have a festive evening planned during the holidays or just want to have some fun during the week, this is the perfect device. 
Sear your meat on the upper grill plate and cook
Round grill plate for smaller tables
Sometimes you a crammed for space but still like to be able to enjoy a raclette party. 
The Princess Raclette Party Grill has a round baking surface with a diameter of 30 cm so it fits perfectly on an small or round table.
Always the optimal temperature
Thanks to the 800 Watt power it reaches the ideal temperature fast and retains the heat for a long time.
Easy to clean
Let the Princess Raclette Grill Party cool off and wipe the grill plate with a kitchen towel. 
The removable grill plate can be placed in the dishwasher, together with the raclette pans. 
The housing can be cleaned with a moist towel.
Easy to clean
After using the chocolate fountain pour the remaining chocolate in a small container and let it cool. 
The top of the fountain comes off and can be easily rinsed. 
The stainless steel drip tray can easily be cleaned with detergent. 
This makes the Princess Chocolate Fountain easy to clean and thanks to its compact size also easy to store.
What’s in the box:
Princess Raclette Grill Party, 6 raclette pans, instruction manual

Dimensions (HxWxD): 24x35x35cm
Weight: 1.39kg

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