Beper Pizza Oven, P101CUD300

  • Brand: BEPER
  • Product Code: P101CUD300
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  • $ 261 $ 183

PIZZA FOR EVERYONE: The Beper Pizza Oven allows you to perfectly cook a pizza in just five minutes. In no time at all, the oven prepares a crispy pizza and saves energy thanks to shorter cooking times than traditional ovens.
PERFECT COOKING: Thanks to its 400° C and the refractory stone, you can enjoy a pizza right at home. Suitable for freshly kneaded or frozen pizzas.
ADJUSTABLE: The oven has 5 cooking levels with an adjustable thermostat and a 15-minute timer with acoustic signal to avoid burning your pizza!
REMOVABLE: The 31 cm diameter cooking plate is easily removable thanks to the heat-insulating handles. This allows you to serve your pizza directly on your plate!
BAKE OR HEAT: The beper oven is also designed to heat bread, piadinas, toast and much more. One oven for a thousand uses!
POWER: 1200W

Dimensions (HxWxD): ‎41.2x39.4x21.8cm
Weight: 4.95kg

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